And I will
Fishers of
Matthew 4:19

What is a Disciple of Jesus?

A disciple of Jesus based on Matthew 4:19 is someone who:
Follows Jesus
(Follow Me)
Meaning we actually say yes to what Jesus is asking and walk the path that Jesus walked in our life
Is Being Changed by Jesus
(I will make you)
Jesus wants to transform our lives into something extraordinary. He tells us he came to give life to the full (Jn 10:10)
On Mission with Jesus
(Fishers of Men)
Jesus has a mission for our lives that has to do with helping other people know God's vision for their life. (2 Cor 5:17-18)

Disciple Making MOvements

Our vision for followers of Jesus matches that of Jesus. We desire for each person who give their life to Jesus to become His disciple. That is because when we commit to Jesus and follow him, we are changed. Jesus makes us into something new. He also sends us out with a new mission into the world. A mission that is about people


After we started on the path toward DMM the first book we read was Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale. But one of the books that has resonated with us most is the book Megachurch to Multiplication by Chris Galanos because this book compares and contrasts what the typical American Church has looked like and what it could look like if we were willing to sacrifice our preferred church style to see a more simple style of church focused on prayer and God's leading.

DMM is based on Matthew chapter 10 and Luke chapter 10 where Jesus sent his disciples out 2 by 2 to go and share God's love with every town and village looking for people who were open. Look at our events page to see an upcoming DMM Training which is our leader training.

7 Elements of movement (Leader training)

We want to see a movement of disciple making take place. Not just single disciples, but disciples who make disciples. Churches who start new church and movements that start new movements. Here are the 7 elements of movement, this is how we raise our sails to allow God to work in our midst.

1 - Focused on God's Word

God's word is what makes us, it is also what sustains us. We do discovery bible studies with those who are new to searching for God because God's Word shows God's heart and character. 

2 - Multiply Extraordinary Prayer

We pray because our vision exceeds our abilities. Prayer aligns our vision with God's vision and gives us power as we go out into the field.

3 - Cast Vision

We have a vision to see a missionary on every street and a church in every neighborhood throughout Utah. 

4 - Train Believers to Go Out

Going out to share comes from a heart aligned with God, but we also train people up before we send them out. See our next DMM training on the events page.

5 - Go Out among the Lost

When we go out, we look for people who are already open to God working in their life. We are not street preaching, but discerning the spiritual openness. We call them people of peace.

6 - See Groups Start

Groups are the engine we use to see God's word injected into a community and to forward. We call them gospel communities. 

7 - Ongoing Coaching

We meet Monday nights each week for continued coaching and discipleship to sharpen our abilities to love and help grow our communities.